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    •   產品名稱:BXJ/C系列防爆接線箱
    •   瀏覽次數:
    •   關 鍵 詞:儀表閥門,儀表管接頭,儀表管閥件,氣源球閥,儀表閥組



    概述:(Brief Introduction)


      The BXJ/C Serial Explosion-proof wire Connection Box is desiqned and produced in accordance with some items of GB3836.1-83 and GB1366-77. The cerrificale explosion-prood has gained from national explosion-proof inspection test department,It's widely used in the field od oil, chemistry anf pharmacy,where there is Q-1 explosive mixture.Cerificate:No GYB99110

    工作條件:(Worling Conditions)

    a:海拔高度不超過1000米 a:Less than 1000m above sea level
    b:周圍環境溫度: b:Surroundind tempeature:
    c:空氣相對濕度不大于95%(在25 時) c:Relative humidity less than 95%(at +25 )
    d:For the area of Q-1 or Q-2 explosive gas mixture
    結構和性能:(Structure and function)

    a:The cover body is made of aluminium alloy with smooth painting.The esplosion separation face is very anticorrosive after oxisation treatment.
    b:The mouth or wire-conneeting box is sealed with tightened rubber and there are ground screw inside and outside box for security.
    c:The box can be used for both cable and steel pipe