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    •   產品名稱:NGe系列防爆擾性連接管
    •   瀏覽次數:
    •   關 鍵 詞:儀表閥門,儀表管接頭,儀表管閥件,氣源球閥,儀表閥組



    概述:(Brief Introduction)

      NGe系列增安型防爆撓性連接管是防爆電器工程中關鍵性配件。該產品適用于工廠中具有爆炸混合物Q-2級場所,作為防爆電氣設備進出線連接軟管,如防爆電機、現場使用儀表以及鋼管布線彎曲難度較大的地方。其防爆標志為EXd 。防爆合格證號:GYB99108

      NGe serial Safety Increase Type Explosion-proof Flexible Connecting Pipe is the ky part for explosion-proof eletrical project.It is mainly used in the area with explosive mixture mixture elements(Q-2).As in-and-out protection connecting for explosion proof electrical equipments,the product is suitable for site instruments and the palce where steel pipes are diggicult to the bent.The explostion-proof mark is Exe Certificate NO GYB99108